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    Integrated Design: V-drive sacs are ideal for use in the rear lockers, but they can also be used anywhere else their dimensions are best suited. Quick Connect System: Forget about blue waterbed fittings that leak and are hard to connect, this is the future. Dense Plastic Threaded Fittings: The threads in these bags will never fail and are guaranteed not to leak thanks to an integrated O-ring seal. Valmex Material: One single layer of tough material makes punctures and abrasions a thing of the past. This rugged material is also anti-bacterial to reduce mold growth. Welded and Taped Seams: The seams on these bags will never fail and are guaranteed not to leak. Single Layer Construction: Forget about inner liners and outer covers and no longer search for an inner bladder valve, just connect, pump and go. Dimensions: 42″ x 16″ x 16″ Weight Capacity: 800+ lbs

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