Summer Around the Corner

Summer Around the Corner


Spring has been teasing us with some up and down tempatures. Yet for the hardy, diehards, just have to get out on the water, the lakes have been great! Lake levels are up, water tempature is rising and the Malibu and Nautique Tournament Boats are amazing!

The Nautique 200 V Drive is setting the boating industry abuzz! This 20′ V drive is amazing! And it is not just us saying it, but all of our customers that have picked them up already! Everyone that has purchased a Nautique 200 V Drive has said it is more boat then we say! This boat skis, wakes and Surfs better then any boat they have tested! These customers have driven other 20 foot tournment boats out there, but they keep comin back to this Nautique! Heck, this past weekend we had 2 lake tests, and both those customers bought the 200 after driving our competitors boats!!! We have only 3 of these Nautique Sport 200’s left, call to get yours now!

Wizard Lake Marine still has a good selection of Used Boats to choose from. Be sure to check our used section, where their are pictures and options listed for them all. Whether it be a used wakeboard, runabout or pontoon boat, we have them all to choose from at great pre-owned pricing!!

Our Wizard Lake Marine pro shop is still the place to shop when it comes to the gear to get you on the water! The new Wakesledz kneeboard has been selling very well. If you want to get into this new style of kneeboard that will let any age of watersports enthusiast on the water come by now to pick one up! Also our Ez Ski Waterskis are in stock now! Supply is very limited so don’t delay! Plus there is the new Ez Ski 5000 which is a bigger version of the EzSki, up to 120 lbs weight limit! Lastly, for any of our blog readers, if you come in before June 15 we will be taking 15% off all 2011 wakeboards and boots! Be sure to check out the shop that has the Number 1 brands represented!

So, untill summer offically arrives, heres to warm waters, calm winds and fun times with the family and friends on the boat!

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