2016 Edmonton Boat and Sportsman Show, March 10-13, 2016

2016 Edmonton Boat and Sportsman Show, March 10-13, 2016


March 10 to 13, 2016 the Biggest Boat Show in Western Canada will be on!  Come down and see Wizard Lake Marine, displaying the best tournament boats on the market!  Malibu, Axis and Nautique will be represented!  We will have over 30 boats there, with multiple models of each brand for color choice and options!  Be sure to check out the G Series from Nautique!  These boats killed it at the Calgary boat show, so we expect many more Nautique G Series boats to find new owners in Edmonton!  Malibu with its patented Surf Gates and Power Wedge 2 will be on display providing you with some of the best surf waves and function in the industry! Malibu’s all new Surfband is available on all their boats, which puts the rider in control for the first time ever!!!  Also, You Can’t miss out the M235, Malibu’s Surf Monster!   Axis will have the full line up on display, from the A20 all the way up to the T23 ! This is the best bang for the buck in the 23′ market out there, period!  Massive Ballast, Surf Gates, Stereo Sound and Quality Inside the Axis makes it a leader on the  water!

Our Awesome Watersports Pro-Shop will have all the Major brands on display with smoking deals to be had on non current gear and this years!  Inland Surfer with the all new Air Series has the wakesurfers stoked!  Ronix will have the new Hex Construction Surfers on display!  Not to mention CWB and Connelly and all their killer deals to be had!  Zup Kneeboards and Wakesledz are packed and priced to sell! Skurfer Surfboards continue to be a top seller in our proshop and a fan favorite on the water!   Skurfer has a full size run of boards now to keep you slaying it on the water!  So be sure to check out the Skurfer lineup of surfboards on display with unheard of pricing!  Ronix will be displaying the All New Wakesurf Shaper,  this innovative product of the year offers you a new style surf wave on your existing boat, cleaning and enhancing your wakesurf, one boat at a time!  Be sure to stop at Wizard Lake Marine to get the best deal on the best gear in the industry!

Wizard Lake Marine looks forward to seeing all of our past and new customers at the 2016 Edmonton Boat and Sportsman Show!

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