2012 Malibu Response TXi has Arrived

2012 Malibu Response TXi has Arrived


The New Malibu Response TXi is the best slalom boat Malibu ever built! The wake at 28 thru 32 mph are very small, round and very ski friendly! Be sure to come into Wizard Lake Marine and check it out, order off of it or take the beauty home today!

Check out this review from Waterski Mag

“Malibu Boats must have had big-time confidence in their new Response TXi, because no sooner than it was built did they subject it to the competitive scrutiny of the Malibu Open. The result: flawless performance. To distinguish the 2012 Response TXi from last year’s world-record-setting LXi, Malibu engineer Danny Gasper added volume to the hull, from the tracking fins all the way to the transom of the boat, increasing the wetted surface and adding lift to the entire boat. This means pillow-soft wakes for skiing’s elite athletes as well as for advancing longline skiers who need every competitive edge they can get. Malibu further enhanced the driver’s setup compared to the LXi by adding two inches to the windshield for improved visibility.”

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