2012 Malibu MXZ in Stock

2012 Malibu MXZ in Stock


The most talked about tournament boat for 2012 is in stock at Wizard Lake Marine, Malibu 22 MXZ! This new tournament boat from Malibu has the industry buzzing! Any of our customers that have had the chance to see it already are very impressed. Stoked on the Malibu styling, with the new lines and room that Malibu has brought to the MXZ has everyone loving it on first look. Wizard Lake Marine has been lucky enough to spend some time on the water with the Malibu MXZ and we are thoroughly impressed as well. This Malibu has the normal exceptionaly ride and handling, plus it offers a great wakeboard and surf wake!

“The 22 MXZ’s all-new hull delivers Malibu’s signature standout performance. Up front, it’s super-sharp entry into the water yields a smooth, dry ride in even the roughest water, and the big, clean wake boasts long transitions designed to take your riding to the next level.”

“The wake definitely has that classic Wakesetter shape with long transitions to take off and land on and it’s nice and big without adding a ton of weight,” says Malibu Boats team rider Brian Grubb. “It also looks amazing — both when you see that bow coming at you and the rounded corners in the rear.”

Wizard Lake Marine has 3 of these presently in stock and on the website for you to look at it! Also you can come down to the store and check one out in person! We are taking custom orders on these boats and all other Malibu boats right now! We presently are sold out of order slots till Febuary already, so hurry in now to order your new Malibu MXZ, to have it here for May!

See you soon!

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