2010 Canadian Wakeboard Nationals

2010 Canadian Wakeboard Nationals


The 2010 Canadian Wakeboard Nationals were held this past weekend and they were a huge success! The event was pulled by a 2011 Nautique 230, and all the riders were raving about the incredible wake that it produced. Nautique sent up Brad Gearhart to help out at the Nautique booth, who provided some valuable assistance and expertise. Wizard Lake Marine also was able to showcase off the new 2011 Liquid Force and Ronix Wakeboards. The new boards had the riders and spectators stoked about what is going to be available for 2011! On a sidenote, Wizard Lake Marine is blowing out our remaining 2010 Wakeboards and Ski’s so be sure to check that out, but more about that later.

Even though the weather was not the best for the event, the riding was incredible! From the grom’s to the pro’s, everyone thru down some incredible tricks! We were lucky enough to have some of our great Canadian Pro Wakeboarders that reside in Florida such as, Rusty Malinowsky, Kyle Rattray, Anthony Hollick to throwdown with some of our own local Canadian Pro’s incuding, Brad Buskas. At the end of the day, the 2010 Nationals Mens Champion was Rusty Malinowsky behind the 2011 Super Air Nautique 230!

Wizard Lake Marine thanks all the riders, specatators and Product reps that came out to make the event an amazing success! We look forward to the next time the Wakeboard Championships come out to Alberta!

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