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    Gaining weight is not typically viewed as a good thing. However, weight gain on the new Ronix¬†Electric Collective Wakeskate is something you can get excited about. Using Moderately Obese Technology, this board is as heavy as it is allowed to be to maximize board control without affecting overall performance. By dialing the deck into it’s sweet spot, it has insane amounts of control to get any newer rider up and enjoying the wake his or her first time out. The top is a comfortable EVA pad with tapered tips, and when combined with the weighting technology, gives the Ronix¬†Electric Collective Wakeskate Board tons of stability and tracking through the water.
    Rocker Type
    Hybrid RockerIt isn’t too explosive, or inconsistent off the wake, instead you’ll get more glide speed from this arc.
    Compression MoldingThe most durable wood skate out there
    Deck Surface
    Concavestarts in the center of the board and then tapers to the ends for a more controllable flip
    Additional Features
    Moderately Obese TechnologyMore board control with a heavier skate. Just not as stout as some of Ronix’s other high end decks.
    2 – .8″ Wakeskate Fins
    Sizes 41/43
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