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    What happens when you blend the responsiveness of a skim board with the feel of a surf style board? You get the Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 Sprocket.

    A skim style profile combined with the response of the Rocket style Thruster. Skim + Rocket = Sprocket. This stealth creation comes with a sharper rail, bevel, and bottom channels – the result is high-speed maneuverability. This electric board has more bite in your bottom turn and a quicker release off the peak – opening up a spectrum of skim style tricks. Ronix’s most reactive layup they’ve ever built in their many swells of producing surfers.

    Carbon Air Core 3 Construction
    Molded and wrapped in carbon to make it incredibly reactive and nimble

    Skimmer Profile
    The most on water feel that allows wakesurfers to perform skim/skate style tricks

    Hard Rail
    Quick and maneuverable on edge

    • Machined EVA concave traction pads
    • Ronix’s exclusive tool-less Fin-S 2 system
    • Injected fiberglass epoxy constructed fins
    • Comes with one symmetric 3.5 in and two asymmetric 4.0 in fins
    • Liquid Lava high temp surf resin
    • Compression molded
    Size Volume Tip Rocker Center Width Rider Weight Range
    4′ 3″ 13.2 liters 2.3 in 19.8 in Up to 155 lbs
    4′ 7″ 14.7 liters 2.5 in 20.3 in Up to 180 lbs
    4′ 11″ 15.6 liters 2.7 in 20.3 in 190 lbs Plus
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