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    Sure you can take off the wake into the flats but the real question is, can you do it toeside? Everyone’s greatest fear is looking like a dweeb attempting toeside jumps and many will simply just avoid it. There is one way to master the toeside though, and that is the Ronix Vault Wakeboard. This deck has been widened, giving it a much larger sweet spot and handling for rougher conditions. The innovative Vault recognizes that your body is crossed up riding toeside, so Ronix altered the design of the rocker and fin shape/placement allowing riders to point the board toward the wake without requiring excessive attack angle. The early rocker gives it a much smoother feel off of the transition as well. A great board for beginners, progressing riders, and professionals, the Ronix Vault Wakeboard is a versatile platform for insured radness behind the boat.

    Rocker Type
    Early RockerAn earlier arc with a mellower degree will have a smoother, more consistent glide up the wake. A rider will be able to carry more speed up the transition and land tricks further out into the flats. Not quite the straight up snap of its counterpart, but a rider will have a faster, more predictable, effortless take off.
    Wider profile creates a bigger sweet spot riding in any water condition
    Krypto CableDifferent fibers are brewed up and then woven together to make a stronger compound. The Krypto Cable surrounds the profile of the board and is fused together with the core. Combined with the monocoque laminated glass, this cable makes the sidewalls the strongest part of the board.
    Toeside rail is thinned out to sit deeper in the water creating additional grip from this sharp profile
    Heelside rail starts off softer/fuller for a mellower transition, then blends to a more vertical sidewall with less resistance on the water
    Mod PourAn ultra stiff, lightweight, super saucy core – this demanding alternative foam is made from Ronix’s exclusive blend of atoms. The highest strength to weight ratio Ronix has ever tested – setting the standard of the most refined recipe of foam out there.
    MonocoqueA wrapped glass from the bottom to the top so the flash line is no longer the weak point of the board – but is now the strongest. A more durable construction and a torsionally stiffer ride.
    4 Molded Asymmetric Finstrack true in a straight line but break free easier with more float in a side slide position
    2 Fiberglass 1.7″ Hook Fins
    Toeside fins are deeper, longer and closer to the rail for a strong/stable edge hold
    Heelside fins are shorter and further from the rail for a quicker release on spinning tricks
    Sizes 128/134/139/144
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