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    The Ronix District is one of the most versatile wakeboards ever produced. Its all-purpose shape has the rare trait of adapting to your style of riding thanks to its hybrid rocker. A board that works well for everyone, regardless of riding style or ability level.

    Unlike nearly every other wakeboard out there, the District will adapt to your style of riding. The second generation District is a surefire hit with anyone who hops on it. Feel comfortable on the water and gain added confidence thanks to this innovative, unique shape.

    “The thing i like about the District is just how easy it is to ride. I can put anyone of any skill level, from a beginner to a pro rider at an event, being confident that the board will be great for them to start learning on or even learning a new trick. Also, it is super easy off the wake. Nice takeoffs and great landings.” – Chad Sharpe, Ronix pro rider

    The versatile hybrid rockerline and variable rail is what enables this board to adapt to riders of all ability levels. Just learning to use your edge or get air? The rails toward the belly of the board are fuller for a more forgiving, stable ride. Trying to land your first tantrum or 360? The District is more than capable of executing whatever you throw at it.

    This board will give you an instant boost of confidence. Whether you are just learning to get up or trying to stomp that first invert trick, this board is ready for whatever you throw at it. Hop on the District and learn for yourself what all the hype is about.


    138 cm — up to 200 lbs.



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