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    The Hammerhead is the king of revert. Starting with a square nose and ending with a square tail, this board doesn’t care which end is in front. The squared nose allows it to stay stable and fast when riding revert. A recent re-design of the Hammerhead sports a peanut shape which is a concept that places the volume under your feet where pressure is actually exerted without rounding out the board so much that is loses speed or maneuverability. This is allows for the board to actually be faster and more nimble than the previous Hammerhead models. The Hammerhead is made with our signature GatorSkin™ glass that makes it ultra strong while maintaining light weight for performance. The Hammerhead is equipped with a single 1” fin to make it fast and maneuverable for all riders.

    Model Dimensions Volume Wt. Limit
    50 50″ × 20.25″ × .75″ 10 Liters 175 Lbs.
    53 53″ × 20.5″ × .75″ 11 Liters 200 Lbs.
    55 55″ × 20.75″ × .75″ 12 Liters 225+ Lbs.
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