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    For 2020 Phase 5 updated the Hammerhead with their new Peanut Shape design, making one of the most popular skim style boards in the industry even better.

    New for this year, the Hammerhead has been updated with Phase 5’s unique “Peanut Shape” design, which shifts the point of contact on the rail forward, and adds a secondary point of contact for more stability. That leads to a confidence inspiring “locked” in feel, without impacting the Hammerhead’s ability to spin on demand.

    The 2020 Phase 5 Hammerhead is ready to rip, whether you are entering wakesurf competitions on the weekends or just taking the family out on the lake for a casual surf session, this board is always ready for a good time. Arguably the most decorated wakesurfer on this planet, Drew Danielo knows a thing or two about making a wakesurfing board. The Phase 5 Hammerhead has been their most popular skim style board since the day it was released and continues to set the bar for how a skimmer should ride.

    A skim style board such as the Phase 5 Hammerhead utilizes a sharp rail design and flat rockerline to give it that unique skimmer feel. This board is best suited for those seeking to do airs, spins, and all sorts of tricks behind the boat. The king of revert, this board rides equally well both forwards and backwards. The ability to ride revert opens up all sorts of new possibilities with spins and shuv tricks. Unique for most skimmers, the square tail shape keeps the rider turning off their back foot just like you would a traditional surfboard. A single 1″ tail fin keeps it loose and fun.

    Model Dimensions Volume Wt. Limit
    50 50″ × 20.25″ × .75″ 10 Liters 175 Lbs.
    53 53″ × 20.5″ × .75″ 11 Liters 200 Lbs.
    55 55″ × 20.75″ × .75″ 12 Liters 225+ Lbs.
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