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    Parker Payne has joined the Phase 5 team and his new pro model Phantom wakesurf board is ready to blow your mind. A surf style feel while being totally capable of all sorts of airs and spin-based tricks.

    Unquestionably one of the most talented wakesurfers on the planet, Parker Payne was winning Pro Wakesurf Tour stops before he could even drive a car. Earlier this year he joined the Phase 5 team and right away they began collaborating on his newest pro model board, the Phase 5 Phantom.

    If you watch Parker wakesurfing, you can see a unique blend of surf and skim style in his riding. Phase 5 set out to help him design and build a board that truly showed off that versatility. After intense R&D and countless prototypes, they created the Phantom. A true surf style board, the Phase 5 Phantom looks and rides like a surf style board but has the versatility to allow spin-based tricks that most other surf style boards simply cannot do.

    Built with the best possible materials and construction, the Phase 5 Phantom is built to perform at a top level. Phase 5’s new FLEXtec V2 lamination gives the board a lightweight feel and quick response on the water. A Carbon Reflex Speedrail makes it speedy fast so that you can boost bigger airs or toss buckets on big turns. Shaped with a traditional EPS core and then combined with a FlexSpine carbon fiber stringer for improved rigidity. Features four FCS fin boxes, allowing you to ride it as either a quad fin or twin fin setup. Their new Techno Grip traction pad is super grippy, giving your feet a locked-in feel with the board.

    It will be very exciting to see where this innovative surfboard design takes Parker’s riding. Pick one up for yourself and get ready for an entirely new dimension of wakesurfing.


    Model Dimensions Volume Wt. Limit
    50 50.” × 19″ × 1.5″ 17.5 Liters 175 Lbs.
    53 53″ × 19.5″ × 1.6″ 20.5 Liters 190 Lbs.
    57 57″ × 20″ × 1.7″ 22.5 Liters 250 Lbs.


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