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    Jodi Grassman has been one of the most influential female riders in wake surfing.  Her powerful, aggressive riding style and impressive bag of tricks turns heads of both sexes.  It is no question why Jodi Grassman has rightfully earned herself a pro model, and we are excited to unveil her first signature wake surf board together, the LEEO.
    You love to shuvit, and the Phase Five LEEO Skim Wakesurf Board is here to provide a precise and playful ride. Its full carbon deck, Continuous Core construction, and Vacuum Ribbed Technology work together to provide you with a lightweight, durable and poppy board that you won’t be able to stop riding. A wider tail keeps the Leeo fast with lots of pop off the wave. The stub nose keeps it easier to spin for smaller riders.  A singular fin prevents drag and rockets you down the line for an agile, punchy experience. Let the Phase Five LEEO Skim Wakesurf Board take over your wake-related life, you will not regret it.
    Model Dimensions Volume Wt. Limit
    46″ 46″ × 20.25″ × .625″ 9 Liters 135 Lbs.
    50 50″ × 20.35″ × .625″ 10 Liters 170 Lbs.
    54 54″ × 20.5″ × .625″ 11 Liters 195 Lbs.
    New Size 57″ up to 225lbs!
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