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    Connecting families with the desire to do it all, the GS22 is a multi-sport boat designed to perform at any level. New for 2021, the hull of the GS22 was updated this year with characteristics from the G23 Paragon that greatly increase the wakesurf wave. Now more than ever, waterskiers, wakesurfers and wakeboarders will have an incredible platform to utilize thanks to our engineering team’s ability to blend hull features from the award-winning G23 Paragon and record-setting Ski Nautique. Pair that performance with the high-end quality and world class craftsmanship you get from a Nautique, and the GS22 is the complete solution for the crew who loves to do a little bit of everything when they hit the water.

    The technology in the Nautique Configurable Running Surface® (NCRS) was developed so the GS22 performs perfectly for every activity at every speed. Select the Slalom Ski profile with NCRS Ski Assist, or quickly fill the 2,250 pounds of sub-floor internal ballast and you are on the way to ski, surf or wakeboard.  The GS22 is available with the optional Pro Ballast system. This 700-pound option offers you 350-pound sacks in each rear compartment that are plumbed into the ballast system, and will automatically fill and empty via the LINC Panoray Touchscreen.

    The transom seats on the GS22 provide a great place to sit while spending time with friends and family. While the boat is stationary, the large swim platform area is the optimal spot to hang out and socialize.

    The LINC Panoray touchscreen is a 12.4″ display for you to view information and control the settings of your GS22. With an intuitive interface and custom configurations, the LINC Panoray provides you with the best driving experience possible so you can relax and enjoy your days on the water.

    The Helm Command rotary dial is the perfect feature to help you navigate screens and choose settings on the LINC Panoray Touchscreen. Located on the armrest directly above the throttle, you’re able to easily breeze through menus and select whichever setting or configuration you need.

    The most popular multi-sport boat in the Nautique line, the 2021 Super Air Nautique GS22 exterior includes modern lines that look stunning running down the lake or just relaxing with a sunset cruise. Make the GS22 your own with our Design Your Nautique boat building tool and utilize the countless color combinations.

    Download the PDF build sheet for all the options!

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