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    Surfers of all levels and styles can enjoy the Liquid Force Primo LTD thanks to the multiple fin setup options, and choice to ride with or without straps.

    The Liquid Force Primo LTD is the board for you whether you’ve been surfing for years or just learning. The Primo LTD features a wider tail for sharper, more pivotal turns and the crisper channels offer better hold throughout your surf. Ride the Primo with a single-center fin for the classic Skim feel or Twin fin for the hybrid surf feel, it’s up to you which wave to take. The Primo LTD also comes with inserts and foot straps. Slide your feet in and get attached to a whole new level of riding. Ollies, grabs, spins, even flips can now be part of anyone’s riding. For the riders just learning, the straps allow the board to stay attached to your feet for ease of getting up on the board. With the straps being removable, once you get your tricks dialed with the straps, remove them and take those same tricks to strapless riding and feel the freedom of wakesurfing at its best!

    Sizes: 4’0, 4’5 and 4’10

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