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    12 Honkeys is a wakeboard film with an awesome story line to boot.  As you watch Darrin Shapiro go huge, Scott Byerly slide his way around the lake, and Parks Bonifay go way off axis, there is also a very comical story line taking place.  As the frickin’ chicken busts the road crew prisoners out of Boss Hog’s (Tony Finn) control you are shown each of their stories which is coupled with their riding segments.  I know when you think about pro wakeboarders the term “good acting” doesn’t really come to mind; however, the in-between acting antics of these honkeys is as funny as it gets.  Another thing that helped bring this video together was the superior editing from the guys at Sidewayz.  The story line and riding flows nicely, and the riding is put appropriately to music for each rider.   This is a must have for any wakeboard collection but if you have small children you might wanna watch it first due to language, certain tasty beverages, and Parks going off with a shotgun.  If you don’t like good wakeboarding or funny skits you should at least check it out to find out who the frickin’ chicken is!  Overall, it is a top-notch wakeboard film with lots of laughs.”

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