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  • Description

    Wakeboarding is so much fun, especially when you are on the right board. The size and design of the Surge set up your grom for success out on the water. Channels along the edge of the board combined with 4 molded fins at the tip and tail all help the board track in the water. Add the deep removable center fin and the Surge becomes very predictable, making it easier to learn.
    The Tyke is specifically designed with an all-around smaller foot bed to accommodate your grom’s foot. Smaller boots have less material making them harder to stretch. Alleviate all of that hard work by using a boot equipped with Hinge Tech. The back of the boot opens up making it easy for the foot to slide into. Flip the hinge lever and the boot closes up securing the foot into place with all the support your youngster needs.

    Key Features of CWB Surge Wakeboard 125 w/ OptimaBindings:

    • Designed for learning proper edge control
    • Five fin design for stable predictable lift off the wake
    • Long base molded fins for tracking
    • Two bolt on glass filled nylon fins
    • Designed for: Beginner/Intermediate
    • Bindings:
    • Grom design
    • Hinge Tech
    • Thick EVA footbed
    • Lace adjustment
    • Lycra lined molded heel and toe
    • Dual Gorilla Grips
    • 6-Plates
    • One size fits most

    Surge/Optima or Tyke Boots


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