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    The newest and nicest board in the Connelly lineup, the Ono is speedy fast. A surf style board for those that desire high speeds, big carvers, and stylish slashes.

    Ono is the Hawaiian word for the wahoo fish. Built like a torpedo, these fish are FAST and can swim at speeds of nearly 50 MPH. The new Connelly Ono Wakesurf Board is aptly named after its most distinctive trait, SPEED. Built and designed to perform at high speeds, the Ono is a perfect match for the big, tall waves that boats are throwing these days.

    This high-end performance wakesurf board is built with an EPS foam core that keeps it light and responsive on the water. Its stringer-less core has a sleek, clean look that instead relies on its ExoSpine to control the board’s flex pattern. The vector net throughout the board is a woven carbon fiber netting that helps reinforce the board and strengthen its flex in key areas. The rounded tail is a great all-around tail shape that generates good push from the wave, has lots of of control, and keeps the board high on the water for impressive maneuverability.

    Something new and exciting for 2019 is the Ghost Grip traction that comes on the Connelly Ono Wakesurf Board. Ghost Grip is designed to provide the look and feel of traditional wax but without the messy stuff getting all over your boat. Once wet, the Ghost Grip is incredibly grippy on your feet. The Ono is equipped with four FCS II fin boxes so you can ride it as a quad fin or twin fin setup.

    The Connelly Ono is making a splash and ready for your enjoyment thanks to its speedy, responsive ride.

    Size 4’10


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