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    You can see straight through it but don’t overlook it because the all-new Connelly Legacy is an unforgettable ride. The never before seen Skelecore Technology in this board creates a quicker, more natural turning wakesurf board.

    The brand new Connelly Legacy Wakesurf Board immediately stands out from the crowded assortment of wakesurf boards because well… you can see through it! The transparent core combined with their Ghost Grip silicone traction pad creates a unique looking board that will catch the eyes and hearts of everyone who looks its way.

    Enough talking about how cool it looks… let’s talk about how well it rides. Shaped with a true surf outline, the Legacy is fast and responsive through the water. Considered a hybrid design, the crisper rails on this board make for good hold and performance on bigger sized waves. The diamond shaped tail sits the board high on the water and nimble. Its angled part at the rear part of the outside rail releases water for a faster overall feel. The Legacy is fast, surfy, and moves in sync with the rider for super stylish turns.

    The Legacy is the only board in Connelly’s surf line to feature their game changing Skelecore technology. Skelecore is Connelly’s new advanced polyurethane core shaping technique that reduces the overall mass of the core core, allowing the fibers of the board to react quicker and more naturally. Not only does it ride great, it looks amazing in the board! When out in the sun and on the water, you can see through the board for an extra cool visual effect.

    Compression constructed, making it extremely durable and able last you many summers of enjoyment. Don’t worry, it rides very light for a compression molded board. The Ghost Grip front traction on the Connelly Legacy is a new and noteworthy feature for 2019. Ghost Grip is designed to provide the look and feel of traditional wax but without the messy stuff getting all over your boat. Once wet, the Ghost Grip is incredibly grippy on your feet. The three fin setup allows you as the rider to dial in and customize how the board tracks through the water. Use all three fins for a stable, more surfy ride or pull the side fins for a more skim style setup. Easy to switch and get it just how you like it.

    The Legacy is quickly making a name for itself thanks to its one of a kind look and enjoyable ride.



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