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    Named after the traditional Japanese samurai warrior sword, the Connelly Katana is a pure surf style board that attacks the wave with speed, power, and precision.

    The Connelly Katana is a pure surf style shape that slices through the water with precision and power. From beginners to advanced surfers, everyone who hops on the Katana enjoys its traditional surf feel.

    This surf style shape features rounded rails up front for more forgiving turns and more buoyancy to keep the nose above the water. As you get closer to to the tail, the rail design gets sharper to give the board more “bite” and “hold” into bigger waves. The wide belly on this board gives it lots of stability, boosting the confidence of any rider. Its fang tail shape gives the board impressive push from the wave for a fast and loose feel.

    Built like a traditional surfboard, the Katana features an EPS foam core, 5mm stringer, and epoxy construction. The vector net carbon weave provides added strength and ninja like responsiveness in key areas of the board. A new and noteworthy feature feature for this year is the Ghost Grip front traction. It is designed to provide the look and feel of traditional wax but without the huge mess. Once wet, the Ghost Grip is incredibly grippy on your feet. It looks amazing on the board too, providing a beautiful minimalist look. Equipped with quad FCS II fins, ride with all four fins for a blazing fast setup or ride it as a twin for a looser, more slashy feel.

    A surfer is only as good as his weapon of choice. Bring the Katana and have a serious weapon to attack the wave.

    Size 4’10


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