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    The new Proline Pro Surf Rope features an innovative kettlebell style handle that fits well in one hand and can easily be tossed between the rider and the boat. Includes a 30’ rope with five 3’ sections.

    Surf handles come in all shapes and sizes. The newest and possibly coolest one… the kettlebell style handle included on this all-new Connelly Pro Surf Rope. This new handle style is 10” for a great fit in your hands and feels great thanks to its premium EVA grip. The handle also floats for improved safety and visibility in the water. The durable 30’ poly-e mainline includes five 3’ sections so that you can easily adjust the length to your surf wave, putting your rider right in the sweet spot.


    • -10” Kettlebell Style Handle w/ EVA Grip
    • -Extended Long Spiral Rope Braid
    • -Durable 30’ Poly-E Mainline w/ Five Sections
    • -Floating Handle
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