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Canada Day Long Weekend Hours


Wizard Lake Marine Kelowna will be Closed this July 1, Friday.  Kelowna will re-open on Saturday, 10-4.

Wizard Lake Marine Calmar will be Closed July 2, Saturday.  Calmar will be Open on July 1, 9-5

Wizard Lake Marine is staggering our holiday weekend hours to try and accomodate all of our great clients this Canada Day Weekend!

Have a Great and Safe Holiday Weekend!


Team Wizard

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Closed, Easter Good Friday


Wizard Lake Marine Calmar and Kelowna will be CLOSED for Easter Good Friday, April 15.  We will reopen our regular hours on Saturday April 16.  Have a safe and enjoyable Good Friday, and we hope to see you on Easter Saturday.


Team Wizard Lake Marine

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Boating Checklist: Is Your Boat Spring Ready?

Product Knowledge

Preparing your boat for spring is one of the most crucial things we recommend you do to ensure its performance and maintenance, and by extension, a riveting spring for boating and trips to the lake. It’s not quite a one-step process, but with the help of a checklist, you can extend your boat’s life and put your mind at ease knowing it’ll run efficiently and safely every time you hit the lake.

Knowing what you need to do when you are out on your boat is important, but nine out of ten sticky situations on the water can be prevented with the proper boat upkeep. Wizard Lake Marine has put together a recommended checklist to help you prepare your boat for every adventure during the spring season. Check out our Spring Boating Checklist below, or contact us for more information.

  • Take inventory of your safety equipment and ensure all required equipment and items are in the boat. Make certain the fire extinguisher is fully charged and confirm the date. Also, check that the battery inside your waterproof flashlight is in good working condition.
  • Inspect the wheel nuts on the trailer and confirm they are tight and that the tires have accurate pressure. Ensure the condition of the tires is good by looking for excessive wear or cracking.
  • Confirm all lights on the trailer, including reverse lights, are working when hooked up to the vehicle.
  • Inspect breakaway cable, safety chains, and rear tiedowns.
  • Verify all hull plugs are connected in the boat.
  • Ensure that the cables are attached firmly with clean connections, and all batteries in the boat are charged.
  • Check all drive/engine/transmission fluids for accurate levels. Add as needed.
  • Check the operation of the bilge pumps and blower.
  • Examine the propeller and ensure the prop nut is tight.
  • Check for leaks in the fittings and fuel tank.
  • When your boat is backed into the water at boat launch, have the engine compartment open. Check to make sure hoses and belts are tight. Start the engine and look for leaks prior to removing the boat from the trailer.
  • Test the operation of all boat options when out on the water. It is vital to put the boat in the water at the start of the season to rectify any issues before the season is underway. Once the season is in full swing, you may experience parts delays and service waits due to high volume demand.
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How To Get Your Boat Clean & Safe

News Product Knowledge

Have you ever thought about how you can make your boat look great on and off the water? Well,
rest assured, you’ve come to the right place, since we at Wizard Lake Marine can provide some vital
tips and reminders for preparing your boat for an exciting, riveting boating season.

You can have your boat looking showroom-ready in no time, and no place is better prepared to help
you bring on the spring and summer than Wizard Lake Marine. Pride of ownership begins with a
boat that’s clean, safe, and ready for any adventure from an early-day cruise to a day full of
watersports! With the right tools and our help, you can have just that!

Get Your Boat Spring Ready by Cleaning It

The first thing you’ll want to do when you take your boat out of storage is make sure that it is clean,
and if it’s been stored away all winter, odds are that’s not the case. Depending on the arrangement
of your boat, you likely have your own approach to cleaning it, whether it consists of rags, brushes,
or anything else. That said, we recommend a few products that can take your boat from clean to
showroom-ready in no time.

  • Meqular’s Hybrid Ceramix Wax will keep water beading off your boat with Gelcoat. It’s
    meant to be used after the exterior is washed, and all you’ll need to do is just spray it on and
    wipe it off.
  • Boat Bling Hot Sauce is the best-selling exterior water spot remover. This exclusive spray-
    on, wipe-off formula has the power to cut through hard water spots without stripping the wax,
    so your boat can keep on shining through the season.
  • Boat Bling Vinyl Sauce shows your boat’s interior the love it deserves. A safe and effective
    spray-and-wipe interior cleaner rids your boat of sunscreen, dirt, food stains, body oils, and
    grime. The product is perfect for cleaning clear vinyl windows, rubber, leather, vinyl seats,
    carpet, and inflatable boats, so you can hit the lake in a boat that looks good as new every
    time out.
  • 303 Aerospace Protectant can be used to repel dust and stains and protect the vinyl from
    UV rays to preserve its looks. This spray-on, wipe-off, then re-apply monthly formula
    provides the best results and protection for immaculate vinyl.
    Life Jackets

Wearable personal flotation devices (PFDs) and life jackets are extremely important to have in your
boat. A friendly reminder from Wizard Lake Marine that a PFD should always be available for each
person on board. You should also ensure that all occupants put on their life jackets in an
emergency. We recommend researching available life jackets offered by our partnered brands to
determine which fits your boating needs, and you can always contact or visit us at Wizard Lake
Marine for more information.

NOTE: Competition vests do not count as a PFD and should not be included in your total count.

Do You Have the Right Safety Equipment?

For the safety of all boating passengers, we recommend keeping the following safety equipment
available and in good condition in your boat.

  • Anchor with line to keep your boat in place in case of emergency
  • Oars and/or paddles if the engine fails
  • Medical kit for scrapes, cuts, minor emergencies, or seasickness
  • Cellphone (placed in a waterproof bag) to call for help
  • Flare Gun or Flare Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Sound Signaling Device
  • Waterproof flashlight
  • Functioning running lights (if your boat is equipped)
  • Bailing device or pail to dewater and stay afloat

Other Safety Considerations and Accessories

Be sure to protect yourself from the hot sun and stay hydrated this summer so you can enjoy
everything the boating season has to offer with a clear head. Remember to bring sunscreen, towels,
snacks, and water. Everyone is happier when they are hydrated and well-fed!

Double-check whether your boat is full of fuel and make sure all its features are operating correctly.
Take it from us: the last thing you want when you’re out on the water is to be low on fuel or stuck
with malfunctioning equipment.

Lastly, make sure your documentation is in order. Bring a valid boating license and the proper
paperwork (registration and insurance) to operate your boat and spare yourself any potential

Contact Wizard Lake Marine

For more tips and recommendations on getting your boat clean and safe for the season, contact us.
We are committed to helping all boat enthusiasts enjoy their boats to its fullest potential. Whatever it
is you need for safe and exciting boating, you can always trust Wizard Lake Marine – Family run,
family fun.

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2022 Wizard Lake Marine In-Store Boat Show Pricing in Effect


Wizard Lake Marine is holding an in store Boat Show at both Locations effective March 17th.  We still have a great selection of Centurion Boats to choose from and a few Nautique’s as well at both locations.  Shop online or come in to our stores to view the boats in person.  Our Sales Wizards will be more then happy to show you thru the boats in our showrooms or bring one inside to view that is more to your choice due to colours or options.  At our in store boat show you will not be limited to certain models or colours, we have everything available to you for viewing with no expensive parking or entrance passes!

We also have a fully stocked Watersports Pro Shop with truly the Best Brands in the Industry, Phase 5 WakeSurfs, Liquid Force, Connelly, Ronix, Radar Skis, Hyperlite, Soulcraft Wakesurfs, Doomswell Wakesurfs, O’Neill Wetsuits and Vests, Follow Wake Vests, Oakley and much more!  We will also have deals on all our gear in store or available to ship to you.

Don’t Delay on getting all your Summer Needs, whether it be a New or Used Boat, some new gear or you just want to feel a little bit of summer, come in now to Wizard Lake Marine!

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Family Day Hours of Operation.


Our Calmar Location will be closed this Saturday, Feb 19,  for Family Day.

While our Kelowna Location will be closed Tuesday, Feb 22 , for Family Day.

You can contact either store if you have questions on the days they are open for the weekend or the Tuesday.

You can also email for the Calmar location, and for the Kelowna location, if you prefer as well.

Have a great and safe long weekend!

Team Wizard Lake Marine

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